Battling through the logistics jungle in the Picavi Cockpit

Pick-by-Vision: analysis, monitoring and administration using just one tool

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Logistics processes are sometimes like a jungle: complex, confusing and quite tricky. An experienced guide is crucial in order to avoid getting lost and to keep an eye on the overall goal. That is why Picavi will be presenting the Picavi Cockpit at Modex from March 9 – 12, 2020 at booth 5485 under the motto "Logistics Jungle – let us be your guide". The tool has features for the generation of smart data as well as for managing, maintaining and customizing the screen of the Pick-by-Vision glasses: analytics, mobile device management (MDM) and configurator. Users benefit from enormous time and cost savings, greater flexibility and transparency as well as improved process quality.  
The Picavi Cockpit is a new smart application within the Picavi ecosystem that unleashes the full potential of order picking supported by assisted reality (AR). For example with the smart data function analytics: sensors on the glasses collect process parameters that can be evaluated using the Picavi Cockpit. An application example is Wi-Fi coverage in the warehouse. The interaction between Picavi Cockpit and data glasses means the signal can be measured at each individual storage location. "Dead" zones or areas with weak signal coverage, which can lead to interruptions in the picking process, quickly become visible. What is more, individual KPIs such as picks per hour or per location can be defined in analytics and monitored in dashboards. Another advantage is the identification of optimization potentials. Are the items stored in accordance to the ABC analysis? Do employees take the best route when walking through the warehouse? Is there a particularly high number of faulty scans at a storage location? The tool provides answers at a glance and thus delivers real added value. Disruptive factors are detected and eliminated, thereby increasing the process quality. 
Over-the-air: convenient wireless updates
Mobile device management in the Picavi Cockpit ensures the functionality of smart data glasses – with minimal effort. A one-scan setup simplifies the addition of new glasses to the fleet. Simply scanning the barcode starts the configuration process. Then the glasses are ready for practical use in just a few steps. The Picavi Cockpit also allows wireless updates. Updates can be installed “over the air” using the new software. Users benefit from lower support costs without sacrificing security standards. Picavi has also integrated the screencast function, which is suitable for training new employees to modern standards. The glasses' real-time display can be projected onto a monitor in no time at all. This makes it easier to clarify work steps.
Everything in view with customized screens
The configurator completes the Picavi Cockpit – which the world's leading supplier of smart Pick-by-Vision glasses will be presenting to Modex’ visitors at booth 5485. The configurator supports users in creating individual screens for the glasses. The customized screens visualize relevant information, which can be arranged as required. Users can therefore respond flexibly and promptly to process changes or new processes – and with their own resources.
About Picavi GmbH
Picavi's Pick-by-Vision solution enables consistent visual guidance via data glasses when picking goods in intralogistics. The use of the innovative application maximizes productivity in warehouses and minimizes the error rate. The warehouse workers have both hands free for their primary work, picking the goods, thanks to wearing the data glasses.
Picavi was founded in 2013 and has been offering its market-ready Pick-by-Vision solution for warehouse management since 2015. The company's headquarters are located in the Aachen technology region. Numerous large, internationally active companies from a wide variety of industries are already using Picavi products in their day-to-day business.
An extensive network of service, integration, technology and sales cooperations supports the 30 employees in their work for customers. Picavi is one of Glass's close partners. The data eyewear manufacturer has been on the market with the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 model since spring 2019. In order to continuously improve their glasses, both companies rely on a constant exchange of knowledge, which creates synergies thanks to the combination of their respective key competencies.
The revolutionary approach to the design of order picking has already been rewarded with a large number of accolades, including the IT innovation prize in the industry & logistics category of the "Initiative Mittelstand" (medium-sized business initiative) in 2016. As a member of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (German Logistics Association) and other industry organizations, the logistics specialist is an integral part of the dialog in intralogistics.
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