ProGMA Announces the Publication of ANSIMH31.1-2019, “Steel Mesh Containment Panels Used in Pallet Rack and Vertical Storage System Applications: Perf

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Press Conference Event at MODEX 2020
Date: Monday March 9, 2020
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Room: B216- Press Conference Room
The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), an industry group of MHI, has published an American National Standard to address performance and testing of steel mesh containment panels used in pallet rack and vertical storage system applications.
The standard, designated as ANSI MH31.1-2019, is intended to create a standardized methodology to evaluate the strength and durability of steel mesh containment panels used in material handling applications. It was drafted by ProGMA’s Wire Partition Engineering committee with support from the broader ProGMA membership.  
Vertically mounted steel mesh containment panels are often used in pallet rack and vertical storage system applications to contain and minimize the potential for falling items, protecting personnel, product and property.  ProGMA members identified the need to educate people who use pallet rack, shelving and other types of high destiny storage handling equipment such as ASRS systems, regarding the importance of integrating a quality steel mesh containment panel system to secure, guard and product these areas of their operation.  
A specific concern that the standard helps to address is the deflection in the panels that can occur when they are struck by an object.  The deflection can protrude into a flue or an aisle where maintaining proper clearance dimensions are important.  This information can be used in a risk assessment when incorporating safety considerations into the design of the facility.
This document helps to standardize:
- Industry terms and definitions
- Design and structural requirements for the product 
- Testing methodology to quantify product impact deflection in a risk assessment 
- Test procedure and fixtures to perform said product test 
- Interpret product test results to aid user community in determining if this is a product to be used for one’s application 
ProGMA members believe that this standard release is a great first step in educating the user community about the importance and value of integrating this protective guarding solution into their storage operation.  It raises the bar for better product to serve America in a fast-growing material handling and logistic industry.  
ProGMA was founded in 2012 to help manufacturers who provide material handling protective guarding solutions which secure, guard and protect inventory, facilities and people a way to educate the industry about their solutions and how they may be applied to enhance their operations, improve security and protect workers in a busy fast pass work environment.  ProGMA’s member companies manufacture a variety of safety products used in material handling operations, including wire partitions, mesh netting, bollards, guard rails, bumper guards, column protectors, safety gates and the like.  
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