ForwardX to Debut the World’s Only Computer Vision AMR Fleet at MODEX 2020

The industry-proven solutions are set to land in the Americas

Monday, March 2, 2020

SAN DIEGO – Feb. 27, 2020 - ForwardX Robotics, an award-winning innovator in the AI & Robotics fields, announced today it will demonstrate the world’s only Computer Visionbased Autonomous Mobile Robot fleet at MODEX 2020, the largest international supply chain expo in North or South America, from March 9th-12th. Following the opening of ForwardX’s U.S. headquarters in San Diego and its international test center in Phoenix, MODEX 2020 also marks the official launch of ForwardX’s cuttingedge solutions for logistics, manufacturing, and retail in the Americas.
“Shifting consumer demands continue to drive huge changes in logistics, manufacturing, and retail businesses. With shorter life cycles in manufacturing, and the rise of omnichannel retail and e-fulfilment in logistics, flexible and collaborative automation solutions are all-the-more necessary to supplement the human workforce. ForwardX’s visual AMR allows our clients to adapt quickly in highly dynamic environments with rapid deployment for greater uptime,” says Nic Temple, VP of Sales Americas for ForwardX Robotics. “In 2019, roughly 40,000 mobile robots were sold worldwide, yet the expectation is for our market to grow tenfold over the next three years, with a predicted revenue of $10.5 billion USD in 2023.”
Boasting impressive industry-firsts with its 2-Year Free Warranty* and Pay When You Achieve ROI campaigns, ForwardX is set to make its mark during MODEX at Booth 1207 with a live interactive demonstration starting at 2pm on March 9th. Furthermore, the ForwardX team will hold recurring demonstrations to showcase its cutting-edge solutions, displaying what makes its technology top-of-the-range and sharing success stories from its installations in the logistics, manufacturing, and retail markets abroad.
Why ForwardX?
• Best-In-Class Technology
As the world’s only computer vision-based AMR fleet, ForwardX’s solution perceives the environment like no other. Using sensor fusion to integrate data inputs from RGB, RGBD, LiDAR, Radar, and Ultrasonic sensors, ForwardX’s stateof- the-art deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms deliver greater localization, more accurate obstacle avoidance, and more efficient path-planning capabilities in the most dynamic of environments, such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.
• Unrivaled Fleet Management
Along with its future-proof hardware, ForwardX offers a comprehensive platform for effectively managing your fleet. Whether expanding up to 200 robots or staying small-scale, ForwardX’s fleet manager includes centralized scheduling for both robot and human tasks, seamless integration with WMS/MES/ERP/PLC systems, advanced traffic control for facility bottlenecks, optimized battery management for 24-hour operation, and highly customizable analytics for productivity and efficiency tracking. What results is smooth, efficient operations regardless of a facility’s size or layout, or a fleet’s size or density.
• Proven in Industry
While it may be making its first foray into the Americas market, ForwardX already has a plethora of experience implementing its solutions in the logistics and manufacturing industries worldwide. Currently serving a number of Fortune 500 companies, ForwardX has seen an average increase of 2-3x in productivity metrics, such as UPH and throughput, and a labor cost reduction of up to 51%. Experienced in warehousing, 3PL, and manufacturing facilities, ForwardX’s AMRs provide highly flexible and adaptable solutions, with a number of hardware and software customization options to fit any scenario.
• A True Turnkey Solution
While the AMR market is set to grow quickly, many traditional businesses view deployment and installation as major barriers to AMR adoption. ForwardX recognizes this and aims to help clients achieve maximum success by providing a true turnkey solution, not only supplying the technology, but also offering its expert team of deployment engineers and project managers to ensure rapid, hassle-free deployment with minimal disruption to the facility.
About ForwardX Robotics
ForwardX Robotics is a global technology leader in the fields of AI and Robotics, possessing 140 patent applications and a team of over 180, with 120 engineers of which 10 hold PhDs. With team members hailing from top universities and leading companies, ForwardX is comprised of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics experts as shown by our award-winning work, such as 2 1st-Place Prizes at TRECVID and 1st Place Prize for IEEE’s VOT-RT. For more information, visit
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