James Brehm & Associates to Host “IoT 101: Digital Transformation University” at MODEX 2020, in Partnership with MHI

Thursday, March 5, 2020

ATLANTA – (March 4, 2020) – James Brehm & Associates, an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy acceleration firm, today announced they will partner with the MHI to host the popular “IoT 101: Digital Transformation University” at MODEX 2020. The four-day event will take place Monday, March 9, 2020, through Thursday, March 12, 2020, at Atlanta’s World Congress Center. MODEX will host 150 educational seminars and 950 exhibits of next-generation technology and equipment for manufacturing and supply chain operations.  
IoT 101: Digital Transformation University is an interactive, fast-paced learning and networking event to help CIO’s, developers, solution providers, makers, and corporate decision-makers to speed IoT adoption, explore successful use cases, and learn tips for defining and transitioning from proof of concepts and pilots to scalable production-ready systems. 
At MODEX 2020, we are helping the makers and doers of the world to incorporate IoT in their daily operations” said James Brehm, Founder and Chief Technology at James Brehm & Associates. “Through the series, we are helping others learn how to take IoT from a point solution and incorporate it holistically across the entire organization.” 
Commenting about one of last year’s IoT 101: Digital Transformation University, Romil Bahl, CEO, KORE said, “There has certainly been good progress from a 5G perspective, and there has been a lot of great learning here. And, the 101 University has been really quite useful. I think what people have learned there is far more pragmatic and focused than some of the hype that one tends to hear at a typical trade show.”
Get Involved at IoT 101: Digital Transformation University
Located in the IoT Theater on the exhibit floor, this series offers attendees sixteen workshops over four-days covering advancements in supply chain technology. For more information on IoT 101: Digital Transformation University at MODEX Atlanta 2020, including how to attend, exhibit, or sponsor, visit the MODEX 2020 website.
Follow the latest developments and updates on Twitter @jamesbrehm. Brehm & Associates along with partner companies, BH IoT Group and Calysto Communications, are actively taking meetings at the event. If you ‘d like to meet with us, contact info@jbrehm.com to schedule an appointment. 
About the MHI
MHI is a leading non-profit trade association representing the U.S. material handling, logistics, and supply chain industry -- the industry that makes supply chains work. MHI members are material handling, logistics and supply chain equipment, systems and software manufacturers; consultants; systems integrators and simulators; third party logistics providers and publishers. MHI provides educational, business development, networking, and solution sourcing opportunities for its 800 member companies and for the broader community of manufacturing and supply chain professionals. MHI produces the largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain events in North America, ProMat and MODEX.
For more information, please visit the MHI website at http://www.mhi.org/
About James Brehm & Associates
With a firm focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation, James Brehm & Associates provides actionable insight and definitive direction to organizations from startups to public companies. Founded in 2013, JB&A clients include communication service providers, hardware manufacturers, software vendors, OEMs and OTMs, private equity and venture capital firms, and investment bankers. 
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