A Slam Dunk! - at Frazier Booth #8288 at MODEX 2020

Friday, March 6, 2020

Long Valley, NJ – February 28th, 2020 – Shoot over to Frazier’s Basketball Themed Booth #8288, the place to be at MODEX 2020! Score big with themed raffles, giveaways, snacks and more. Ongoing booth demonstrations will highlight strategies to maximize space, improve throughput and increase order picking efficiency with Frazier’s structural steel pallet racking solutions - a sure slam dunk for making your warehouse up to 30% more productive and profitable.
Frazier showcase systems include:
*NEW* Wire Screen Design - Frazier is excited to present a new wire screen design, courtesy of J&L Wire. The new design utilizes an internal flare (tuck-in) style, as opposed to the industry standard external flare style.
The Ergo Deep® – The Ergo Deep® is an alteration of the Ergo Label Beam®, part of Frazier’s line of ergonomic products. Developed in response to customer needs for an advantage when picking heavy cases, Ergo Deep®’s pallet locations sit at a low level while also enabling workers to seamlessly walk through the aisle – from one row to the next. Since its launch in 2015, Frazier has completed several successful projects across different parts of North America.
The Pallet Mole® - With the latest technology in high-density storage, the Pallet Mole maximizes floor space, storing up to over forty feet high and fifty pallet positions deep, while increasing productivity and maintaining SKU selectivity.
SelecDeck® Carton Flow - The ideal solution for rising SKU counts and slow moving items. By converting lower pallet rack levels to SelecDeck®, users can increase floor pick locations by 25%. SelecDeck®’s universal shelf bed accommodates cases of all shapes and sizes and provides quick and easy product mix changes.
Hi-Rise AS/RS Systems - The trend toward automated storage technology continues as manufacturers and distributors seek improved productivity with maximum space and order efficiencies. Frazier will feature some of their hi-rise AS/RS projects along with video presentation showing the step-by-step construction process of a recent Preferred Freezer high-rise rack supported building project.
About Frazier Industrial Company
Frazier Industrial Company’s 70+ years of robust history has lead us to become the largest producer of 100% hot rolled structural steel pallet rack systems in North America. With ten manufacturing plants across the United States, Canada and Mexico, Frazier is able to offer structural steel systems, the most durable and abuse-resistant material available in the industry, at a more affordable price when compared to roll-formed without sacrificing the quality and strength of our pallet rack. Frazier offers a wide range of storage solutions from standard pallet rack to complex pick-to-belt towers and AS/RS installations. Frazier's expert team of engineers will help each customer design the best, most cost-effective material handling solution. New warehousing operations choose Frazier because the long-term costs of our storage rack systems are less when compared to roll-formed uprights needing continual replacement. By partnering with us, Frazier’s customers gain tremendous value both in their business operations as well as overall safety.
Diane Domingues
Vice President of Marketing & Customer Service
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