New report in MHI’s Roadmap Series: “Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future” forecasts dramatic change in smart automation, technology and digital de

Report is a call to action for U.S. companies to refine their business models and adapt new tools for success in this era

Monday, March 16, 2020

By 2030, robotics and augmented reality will be in mainstream use for warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centers. Maritime shipping will be almost unrecognizable with ships that deploy artificial intelligence and use innovative lighter-weight materials for faster, more efficient delivery of goods.  And neurotechnology – the science of measuring brain function and translating the data into meaningful insights - will bring greater safety, productivity and learning to the workplace.
Those highlights are part of the forecast in "Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future," a new report from the international trade association MHI.  The report, developed in conjunction with Burchette & Associates, Inc., provides insights into trends affecting the success of material handling, logistics and supply chain companies over the next 10 to 20 years. 
"Transformation Age" covers a wide range of topics, including anticipated advances in smart technologies and digital decisioning tools, market influencers, global factors, ways workplace changes and new consumer expectations will revolutionize industries, and even how the new space economy will become a topic of growing importance.
The report provides information and insights meant to spark thought and discussion about key factors that are expected to drive, fuel and impact various aspects of life and industry in the coming decade and beyond. It also recommends how leaders can respond to keep their companies thriving and profitable. 
"Industry leaders are facing a highly dynamic environment in the Transformation Age," says George Prest, CEO of MHI.  “The rapid pace of change will not slow over the coming decade, requiring companies to develop new business models, become more flexible and resilient, and leverage new technologies to meet market demands. This report provides insights into the trends shaping the supply chain of the future."
The report explores future applications of technologies and digital tools as wide ranging as augmented reality, edge computing and drones, and examines expected advances that will shift early-stage promises to step-change value propositions. 
Burchette & Associates conducted in-depth interviews with industry leaders and trend experts as well as secondary research on key topics, including user experience, urban freight, risk management, blockchain, marketing and sustainability. 
"Our research found leaders have a sense of optimism about advances in technologies and digital tools that are reaching tipping points in commercial viability," says Emmy Lou Burchette, president and CEO of Burchette & Associates, who led the initiative.  "Overall the viewpoint is positive, but there is a strong consensus that industry companies must change and adapt to a variety of dynamic business and market factors to be successful over the coming decade."
"Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future" is the third publication in the MHI Roadmap Series. To access the report and learn more about the changes to come, visit
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MHI is an international trade association that has represented the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry since 1945. MHI members include material handling and logistics equipment and systems manufacturers, integrators, consultants, publishers and third-party logistics providers. MHI offers education, networking and solution sourcing for their members, their customers and the industry as a whole through programming and events. The association sponsors the ProMat and MODEX expos to showcase the products and services of its member companies and to educate manufacturing and supply chain professionals on the productivity solutions provided through material handling and logistics.
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