Landoll expands product offering to new and existing markets.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Landoll Material Handling Product Group has taken a giant step to further supply the needs of our customers. The new PT40 Precision Telehandler Forklift provides a unique solution for many of our existing forklift and trailer users. For many years, Landoll Traveling Axle Trailers have been a reliable solution for rigging companies who have to transport heavy machinery and loads. Now the PT40 provides a unique solution to these same Rigging companies who also have to install, relocate or maintain this heavy machinery and equipment. The PT40 equipped with forks can lift 40,000 lbs. (18,180 kg) at a 24” (60 cm) load center to 240” (610 cm), is very compact, only 88” (224 cm) high and 72” (182 cm) wide. An optional easily installed jib boom attachment converts the unit to a crane that can lift from ground level to a height of 325” (825 cm). A remote control option is also available. Besides these rigging applications this truck is also a high capacity forklift that can be used for lifting heavy loads in demanding industrial forklift operations. Just like our Bendi and Drexel narrow aisle forklifts the PT40 provides a solution that is space efficient, durable, versatile and productive. Landoll Corporation supports its Trailers and Forklifts through an international Dealer network.

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