Configura releases CET Designer 11.0

Latest release features new View clips tool, auto-tagging and much more

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., USA—May 20, 2020—Configura released CET Designer 11.0, which features a new tool called “View clips,” a new auto-tagging function and a number of other new tools and updates.  
“Our Configura community provides us with valuable feedback that inspires new features and shapes the future of our software,” Configura Vice President of Global Customer Experience Tracy Lanning said. “The biggest change in CET Designer 11.0 is the new View clips tool. This feature replaces 2D Viewports and has improved performance and capabilities – it enables faster refreshing, different shapes and the ability to rotate clips 360 degrees. We’re excited for users to try this new tool.”
In addition to improved performance and new capabilities, View clips can be modified by attaching various “add-ons.” 
Another new functionality in CET Designer 11.0 is auto-tagging, which has been added to both the 2D and 3D toolbars. When enabled, auto-tagging allows users to pick one or more Part tags that will be automatically applied to all objects placed thereafter, the same as if a user tagged those objects using the Tag individually tool. 
Additional features include updating the CAD Settings dialog, standardized Categories, a new measure tool added to Quick Property fields, Revision Cloud updates, detailed tooltips and much more. For a full list and description of updates, view release notes for CET Designer 11.0 at
Manufacturers in the material handling industry choose CET Designer because the software can handle complex products and adds bandwidth to engineering departments. CET Designer is Configura's "core" Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)-based software platform. An Extension is an addition to the program with functionality that incorporates all of the rules, parts and pricing of a given manufacturer's products. 
Manufacturers partner with Configura to create CET Designer Extensions that make selling their products fast, easy and extremely accurate. The highly visual software enables 2D and 3D design, a project collaboration tool, photorealistic renderings, fly-thru videos, virtual and augmented reality experiences, instant pricing, parts lists and installation documents. 
Configura’s partner community is growing, with 22 Extensions added to the online Marketplace since the CET Designer 10.5 release in November. Partners include companies in the material handling, commercial furniture, kitchen and bath, and health care industries. 
CET Designer has become the leading space-planning software solution in the North American office furniture industry where Configura partners with companies including Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller and others. Gaining traction in the material handling industry, Configura partners with companies including Dematic, Constructor, AJ Products, EAB and Troax.
Configura will host the following free webinars highlighting new CET Designer 11.0 features and updates. Register here
What’s New in CET Designer 11.0
May 21, 11 a.m. – noon EDT
May 22, 11 a.m. – noon EDT
Watch the webinar recording at
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Configura creates intelligent space-planning software for manufacturers, dealers and designers in the contract furniture, kitchen and bath, material handling, industrial machinery, and laboratory and healthcare industries. The company’s software products, including CET Designer, are used by nearly 17,000 people around the world. Configura Sverige AB, the parent company, is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with commercial operations in Gothenburg, Sweden; Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Shenzhen, China; and Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1990, Configura is privately owned with over 200 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $18 million USD. More information at
About CET Designer
Based on technology created by Configura, CET Designer is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software that simplifies specifying and selling of products in a variety of industries. It’s a complete solution that quickly and accurately handles every step of the sales and order process. In CET Designer, components that represent manufacturers’ products look and behave like actual products. Users drag and drop components into 2D and 3D virtual environments; behind the scenes, the software tracks components, calculates pricing and prevents user errors. Users can create and generate layouts, quotes, photorealistic renderings, movies, installation drawings, reconfigurations and bills of materials – in other words, everything needed to propose on work and place orders. CET Designer is the future of space planning. More information at
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