FlexQube continues the partnership with Ericsson to explore 4- and 5G connectivity possibilities for industrial logistic robots.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

After participating together at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Los Angeles, 2019, where an eQart with 4G connectivity was demonstrated, the collaboration now takes the next step. During the autumn, Ericsson’s first-ever smart factory in Texas USA will implement the eQart.  
The eQart will be connected to a private cellular network hosted by Ericsson’s Industry Connect service. This eQart will work as a demo unit to show the functionality and possibilities of the Industry Connect service. Highlighting how the service Industry Connect can help Industry 4.0 devices, such as the eQart, communicate locally onsite.
Purpose-built for industrial environments, Ericsson Industry Connect is a private wireless cellular network that provides secure, reliable coverage, high device density, and predictable latency. Leveraging this connectivity solution, FlexQube can deliver a solution for a private cellular network using 4G/LTE, with a clear path to 5G.
FlexQube is strongly committed to Industry 4.0 and the future of automation. The eQart is equipped with 4G connectivity as standard and comes with a global Telenor IoT Sim-card enabling a robust and flexible data connection for FlexQubes customers worldwide. 4G connectivity is used to collect data to the cloud, send missions to the eQart, and make OTA (Over the air updates) software updates.  The upcoming generation of the eQart will be equipped with 5G connectivity, enabling a more extensive range of new opportunities to create even more value for the customers. For example, the 5G allows for remote control use of eQarts by sending real-time commands and video streams with minimum latency, making it possible to offer Intralogistics as a Service. 
FlexQube’s CTO Per Augustsson comments, “We have had a partnership with Ericsson dating back to MWC 2019 in Los Angeles where Ericsson showcased the eQart in their booth. I’m thrilled that Ericsson is now interested in using our eQart internally for their smart factory showcase. I hope we can continue to strengthen this partnership throughout 2020. Looking further ahead, 5G connectivity will play a major role in our next generation of eQart products. A partner like Ericsson with leading knowledge and technology in this area is crucial to succeed”.
The eQart is FlexQube’s first step into the automation market. The eQart is based on the patented FlexQube concept and adds smart building blocks to create an automated FlexQube cart.
If you would like to learn more about the eQart, visit our website at https://www.flexqube.com/eqart or contact the eQart team at eqart@flexqube.com.
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