CCS’ New “Mobile Conveyor” Helps Supply Chains Remain Flexible in the Post-Pandemic Economy

Thursday, October 8, 2020

In Spring of 2020, the CCS team began manufacturing an all-new line of Conveyor called Mobile Conveyor. At its core, Mobile Conveyor is the same CCS Conveyor that has been installed in countless USPS facilities around the US for over 40 years, mounted on casters.
Because it’s mounted on casters, Mobile Conveyor from CCS makes it easy to reconfigure conveyor systems to accommodate more workstations, laborers, packing zones, or palletizing zones. Mobile Conveyor reduces environmental impact and saves money by downsizing systems during non-peak seasons simply by unplugging and rolling into storage. When it's peak season again, roll them back out, plug them in and they’re ready to start up.
It is shipped pre-wired, pre-tested and fully assembled to clients’ warehouses, ready to be integrated into their systems. Unlike traditional Conveyor solutions which are immobile, CCS’ Mobile Conveyor is “plug and play”, making installation quick and easy.
How is it helpful? 
This cutting-edge solution from the experts at CCS was designed to help warehouses from all industries adjust their systems to match changing demands. CCS has been hearing for years how difficult it can be to anticipate fluctuations in demand and how it would be beneficial to have fully reconfigurable conveyor systems. Flexibility in supply chains has only become more important since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
CCS Opens New Manufacturing Facility to Meet Demands
CCS announced the new line of Mobile Conveyor in May 2020. Since its launch, CCS has sold more than six linear miles of Mobile Conveyor – that’s the length of 105 football fields! With many more miles on the way. Mobile Conveyor is making an impact in supply chains around the country already. 
In response to the positive feedback and orders, CCS began manufacturing operations out of a new 40,000 square foot facility on Monroe Avenue in Frederick, MD mid-August. This facility is in addition to the 28,000 square foot facility on Geoffrey Way, also located in Frederick. The first shipment of CCS’ Mobile Conveyor manufactured in the Monroe Facility shipped out on September 1, 2020.    
The new Monroe Facility is a short drive from CCS headquarters on Geoffrey Way. It runs two shifts and employs 100 workers. As of now, the Monroe Facility has increased Mobile Conveyor production by 100%.
President Duane Glass comments, “It’s with great pleasure to announce the need to expand our production capabilities. By opening our new manufacturing facility in Frederick, we now have plenty of capacity to fill our clients’ needs and reduce our delivery lead times. The new facility was up and running making deliveries within the first week of opening. These are exciting times for CCS.” 
About CCS
CCS is a leader in automated material handling and industrial automation solutions. They design, manufacture and implement both standard and custom warehouse automation solutions. With over 300 employees and 40+ years of experience in the material handling and supply chain industry, CCS provides expertise in a full range of equipment, controls, software and services. They are a trusted integrator with proven partnerships throughout the industry. At CCS, they continue to take great pride in helping their clients realize their material handling goals to operate better today and prepare for tomorrow.
If you’re interested in learning more about CCS’ Mobile Conveyor or how CCS can help you with your automation goals, reach out to us on our website,
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Kirstie Lassanske

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