MHI Celebrates 75th Anniversary in 2020

Thursday, October 22, 2020

MHI is pleased to celebrate 75 years of pushing the material handling industry forward in 2020. MHI was incorporated in 1945 with the objective of serving its members and promoting the industry at large. In 1948, MHI created the National Material Handling Show which was later named ProMat. This event grew into MHI's signature event.

Also in the early years of MHI, sections or groups were formed from within the Membership or through affiliation within MHI to better represent specific producing sectors (examples being – Industrial Trucks, Cranes, Hoists, Monorails, Racks and Shelving, Loading Dock Equipment, Lift Equipment and Conveyors). These groups still serve the industry today.

As the industry changes, so has MHI. Due to the shrinking dimensions of a new, global economy, where sourcing knows no walls or barriers, MHI expanded our focus and introduced a new expo - MODEX (launched in 2012) to further integrate with the larger, overall supply chain. ProMat (hosted in Chicago, IL in odd years) alternates years with MODEX (hosted in Atlanta, GA in even years).

However we grow and change, MHI continues to try and find solutions and answers for the industry that makes supply chains work.

About MHI

MHI is an international trade association that has represented the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry since 1945. MHI members include manufacturers of material handling equipment including warehousing and logistics, systems integrators, third-party logistics providers, consultants and publishers. MHI offers education, networking and solution sourcing for their members, their customers and the industry through programming and events. The association sponsors the ProMat and MODEX exhibitions to showcase the products and services of its member companies and to educate manufacturing and supply chain professionals. 

Contact: For more information on MHI activities and programming contact Carol Miller at 704-676-1190.