Stoecklin Announces Upgraded MASTer Stacker Crane Series

New features improve performance, safety, maintenance, standardization and energy efficiency while lowering total cost of ownership

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Atlanta –Stoecklin Logistics, a supplier of innovative supply chain solutions, is introducing a line of dynamic MASTer™ Stacker Cranes that feature high acceleration and moving speeds, improved energy efficiency and modular construction that delivers vastly improved performance and high levels of availability. The new cranes also have simpler and faster wheels and hoists, greater standardization across different cranes and load carrying capacities, shorter assembly and manufacturing times, lighter construction and improved accessibility to components for maintenance.
“We have taken all of our learnings from the past few decades and applied them to the new MASTer Stacker Cranes to improve the design and production so our customers see dramatically enhanced performance at a lower cost. These cranes move products and material better, safer and smarter, plus they are easier to maintain and fix when necessary. Bottom line is that it’s a more cost competitive crane,” said Klaus Jäger, Product Manager at Stoecklin.
The MASTer Stacker Cranes are available in models, ranging from about 16 to 137 feet. They can move two pallets at the same time into single, double and multi deep slots. The new design also improves safety by deploying a brake that increases the usable cube of the warehouse as compared to the hydraulic buffer used in most systems.
The new stacker cranes are suitable for material handling applications in all business sectors, particularly in consumer products, automotive, cold storage and pharmaceuticals.
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