Systems Introduces New Online Dock Management

Monday, March 1, 2021

Germantown, WI (March 1, 2021) – Systems LLC, a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment, announced the release of myQ® Dock Management with iDock® Controls.
For the past two years, Systems has provided the value of IoT technology with iDock, a combination of advanced dock controllers and an online software for loading analytics.  That online software will now be improved and replaced with myQ Dock Management, which is in collaboration with LiftMaster.
myQ Dock Management focuses on enhancing operational efficiency.  Once a facility’s loading dock equipment with iDock Controls are connected to the cloud, myQ will give them the ability to monitor load times and dwell times.  Facilities can also analyze how these times convert into detention fees and what those costs are by dock, date, or even carrier.
With myQ Dock Management, facilities can view the real-time status of their docks and various activity that may require a supervisor’s attention.  Arriving trucks can even be assigned to docks, with carrier information and license plate numbers, giving companies a more accurate look into turn times and detention expenses.
Notifications are also greatly improved with myQ and provide much more flexibility.  Users can customize their own text/email alerts based on a combination of sensor activity, times, docks, and more.  This allows a company to react in improving their operations and be proactive by responding to events such as a truck approaching the designated load time or sitting idle for too long without loading activity.
To learn more about the benefits of myQ Dock Management, visit Systems, LLC at ProMat DX April 12-16th, or visit
About Systems, LLC
Under the brands of Poweramp, McGuire and DLM, Systems has been a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment since 1961.  With its headquarters and manufacturing in Germantown, WI, Systems also has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Malvern, AR.  All products manufactured by Systems are made in the USA.  Systems is a division of Chamberlain Group, Inc.
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