Interprice Logistica, IPL, becomes the first Flexqube Dealer partner in Mexico

Thursday, March 4, 2021

FlexQube is delighted to welcome Interprice Logistica, IPL, as our first dealer in Mexico. FlexQube's VP of Sales North America, Michael Gore comments, "IPL is a premiere solutions provider in Mexico that will make a good addition to the Flexqube family".
FlexQube and IPL had worked together on projects in the past, but it never developed into a partnership. However, we are thrilled to have one of the leading logistics providers in Mexico sign up and become a dealer of our products in Mexico.
IPL boasts a successful history of helping its customers through a combination of expertise and material handling equipment. Their mission is to help solve their clients' material handling and logistics problems through an interaction of equipment, systems, and controls of the best quality. 
FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg comments, "As we look to grow our Dealer organization, we look for quality material handling/automation partners.  Once Michael joined, he was able to outline some potential partners quickly and then execute on this. It was evident after our first discussions with IPL that this could be a successful partnership for both parties. I am thrilled to have them on board."
Sergio Medizabal, the Director of IPL, added, "IPL has been investing in specialized material handling and automatization, and FlexQube is the perfect partner to grow our business and add solutions that improve the material handling process for our customers. This is an important step for IPL; FlexQube represents creativity, quality, design, and expertise for material handling carts that will add value to our final customers."
FlexQube is very excited to see where this partnership can lead both parties in the future. 
You can contact Interprice Logistics through their website,
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