Electric Balancer Added to the Demag DC Chain Hoist Family of Products

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Solon, Ohio- March 2, 2021—Demag Cranes & Components has a new addition to its popular DC Chain Hoist product line! When you need precise positioning and intuitive load handling for your assembly line and manufacturing processes, you now have another option. Introducing more solutions for handling fragile products with the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer.
Intuitive lifting has never been so easy with the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer. Get the precise positioning up to 350 pounds you need for your assembly processes. The DCBS has 4 operating modes to make load handling ergonomic, efficient, and safe. It’s the only electric balancer that allows operators to switch from handling the load with the handle to two hands without pressing a button! This functionality is programmable right out of the box. Competitively priced for small and large businesses, additional programmable modes allow operators to quickly and precisely pick and place loads.
Available in 2 models, the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer helps your workforce handle loads more efficiently using light pressure to precisely control the load. Load Pick Up Mode helps prepare for the next operation and Assembly Mode assists horizontal or tight-fitting assembly processes for the ultimate precision.
The DBCS Electric Balancer has a low cost of ownership. It requires no brake adjustment and uses regenerative braking to minimize brake wear for longer life than traditional braking methods and is virtually maintenance-free for 10 years.
When you need a light lifting solution for your assembly line or other lifting processes, see what the Demag DC Chain Hoist family of products and the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer can do for you! Schedule a meeting with us to learn more and attend our product demo!
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Laura Antenucci 

Laura Antenucci, Marketing Manager

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