Logistick, Inc. Celebrates 30 Years with Announcement of Carbon Neutrality on Earth Day 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

April 22, 2021— South Bend, IN — Logistick, Inc., Innovators of Freight Securement Systems, is celebrating its 30th year in business with the announcement that they are now operationally carbon neutral! Founded in 1991, sustainability has always been at the core of Logistick’s purpose, to secure freight and reduce damage and waste, while promoting safety of freight in trailers and containers moving over the road, on the rail and across the seas. In fact, Logistick’s team has a combined 200 years of experience helping customers keep their freight and employees safe and secure!
The company is celebrating this 30th anniversary by announcing their partnership with the Mamoni Valley Preserve (MVP), a USA based non-profit, dedicated to the conservation of the Mamoni Valley Rainforest in Panama. Logistick has contracted with MVP to offset their operational carbon footprint until 2050 by leasing a 546-acre tract of rainforest in this top 20 global biodiversity hotspot. The rainforests of the Mamoni Valley have long suffered deforestation and degradation. The destruction of these rainforests endangers the connectivity of five million acres of contiguous carbon dioxide absorbing forests, as well as countless endangered species.
Logistick, Inc. aims to lead the freight and load securement industry in sustainability practices by reducing landfill waste and helping mitigate climate change. “Logistick strives to be stewards of the environment and we couldn't be happier to partner and help preserve the Mamoni Valley Rainforest. For 30 years we have been reducing waste in the transportation and shipping world, and now we can emphatically say - we are operationally carbon neutral," said Ashley Brickley, CEO of Logistick. The company has also embraced a new corporate motto, “securing freight today, helping sustain tomorrow,” while encouraging everybody to live each day like it is Earth Day!
Logistick will be releasing it’s 2020 Sustainability Report by June 1, 2021. For more details and information on Logistick’s commitment to sustainability, please visit: www.Logistick.com/Sustainability
About Logistick, Inc. 
Logistick specializes in one-way, recyclable cargo restraint systems. Their innovative, cost effective products secure and protect cargo shipped over the road, rail and seas, significantly reducing freight damage and making the supply chain more efficient, while improving safety. Logistick, Inc. is dedicated to protecting the environment by reducing waste and incorporating recycled materials in all of their products. Expertly crafted in the USA, all of Logistick’s manufactured products are made from durable, recycled plastic. Learn more at www.Logistick.com!
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