BELUGA fork tip: all-round safety

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Optimizing logistics processes is a daily challenge: faster, safer and more efficient. Avoiding transport damages is a key issue. BELUGA forks from VETTER can make an important contribution: Because of their specially designed fork tip the transported goods are protected from damage in the best possible way.
A plus in occupational safety
BELUGA fork is characterized by its increased tip thickness and rounded contours. As a result, it has a substantially larger impact surface in case of unintentional contact with the load. The risk of damage from piercing the tip of the fork into barrels, sacks, boxes, etc. is considerably reduced. This offers a great plus in safety, especially when handling dangerous goods.
Time and cost savings because of more efficient loadings
Thanks to the special contour of the fork tip, pallets can be pushed quickly, precisely, and safely. Damages to the transported goods or the pallet are avoided, time and money for possible damage repair are eliminated. BELUGA forks significantly increase the efficiency of your logistics processes.
The best choice, too, in explosion protection area or in the food industry
BELUGA fork is also available with 100% stainless steel and ATEX certification. An optimal product to use in potentially explosive areas.
The food industry is another area of application of our BELUGA stainless steel fork. Thanks to its polished surface, it meets the highest hygiene requirements. The forks are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, there are no gaps or cavities for bacterial growth.
Available in a variety of designs
BELUGA forks can be combined with a variety of other Vetter solutions, e.g. fork extensions, folding forks, or fork coatings. Moreover, it is possible to adapt the fork tip to the respective requirements.
The rounded BELUGA fork tip not only prevents damages to packaging and goods but also increases human and environmental safety. 
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