RAVAS USA Presents the National Commercial Team

Friday, June 11, 2021

In 1976, RAVAS created the first-ever mobile weighing scale. The innovative product was a huge success and jolted RAVAS to become the current worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing mobile weighing solutions. Since then, RAVAS has grown throughout Europe, Asia, and most recently, North America.
In 2019, RAVAS acquired LTS Scale in Twinsburg, Ohio, and created RAVAS USA. Led by Material Handling industry veteran Jose Sarruff, RAVAS USA has grown to new heights in America, selling carriage plate scales, mobile weighing scales, and hand pallet jack scales. He has built a commercial division team focused on providing maximum consumer satisfaction while helping companies reduce operating costs by improving their weighing workflow with mobile weighing solutions. 
To support the Americas' field development activities and product performance, RAVAS proudly presents its consumer-facing staff members, ready to engage and provide knowledge on every RAVAS mobile weighing application.
Joseph Furmansky
Senior Regional Manager Northeast
(330) 607-4309
Curtis Craig
Regional Sales Executive West
(720) 614-1046
Josh Howard
Regional Sales Executive Southeast & Midwest
(217) 413-2264
Jason Bullock
National Product Support Specialist & Sales
(330) 840-4080
Shawna Rodriguez
Customer Service Representative
(330) 425-3092
Liza Damsma
Sales Office Specialist
(330) 425-3092
Adam Heidrich
Product Support Operations
(815) 382-4290
Jordan McBride
Marketing & Communications Specialist
(330) 840-4131
Jose Sarruff
RAVAS Americas Business Executive
RAVAS manufactures and distributes mobile weighing solutions integrated into hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks, and forklifts. With a mobile weighing system, you can weigh your load during internal transport. Our connectivity solutions help you improve logistics and optimize your supply chain. Discover more info about RAVAS USA INC. via www.ravasusa.com


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