Logistick, Inc., an Innovator in Freight Securement Systems, Releases 2nd Annual Sustainability Report

Thursday, July 15, 2021

SOUTH BEND, IN - July 14, 2021 – In 2019, Logistick, Inc. formally launched a sustainability promise and initiative, coined SECURE GREEN. Although Logistick has been preventing freight damage and reducing waste for customers since 1992, in recent years, they have been intensifying efforts to minimize their footprint by becoming more holistically-focused on sustainability. One of the more significant accomplishments to date is a formal partnership with the Mamoni Valley Preserve (MVP), a USA-based non-profit, dedicated to the conservation of critical rainforest in Panama.
Logistick is now operationally carbon neutral by contracting with MVP to lease and protect a 546-acre tract of rainforest in this top 20 global biodiversity hotspot. “Partnering with MVP dovetails nicely into our mission of: To secure our customers’ futures by improving efficiencies through innovation and sustainability,” said Ashley Brickley, CEO of Logistick. “Now being able to say that we are operationally carbon neutral is the #1 highlight in a year filled with several environmental accomplishments for Logistick and our partners.”
Another great operational achievement in 2020 was the launch of a circular shipping and packaging system with Exemplary Foam, who supplies Logistick recycled foam inserts that are used with three of their top selling products. This system has greatly reduced the use of cardboard and wood pallets, and now utilizes reusable bins and pallets to safely ship the foam and reduce packaging waste. Additionally, Logistick increased their philanthropic giving budget by 25 percent for social causes, disaster relief and environmental awareness organizations in 2020.  
The Logistick team is ambitiously focused on their 5 sustainability goals and roadmap to 2030. Those goals are to: establish carbon neutral operations by 2030; become one of the nation's leading sustainable freight securement companies; increase their social and environmental impacts; become a thought leader in sustainable packaging alternatives; and, at the same time, generate improved sustainability cost savings and reductions, without compromising product quality or safety. 
Check out the sustainability report here - https://bit.ly/36xSC7F
About Logistick, Inc.
Incorporated in 1992, Logistick specializes in one-way, recyclable cargo restraint systems. Their innovative, cost effective products secure and protect cargo shipped over the road, rail and seas, significantly reducing freight damage and making the supply chain more efficient, while improving safety. Logistick, Inc. is dedicated to protecting the environment by reducing waste and incorporating recycled materials in all of their products. Expertly crafted in the USA, all of Logistick’s manufactured products are made from durable, recycled plastic. Learn more at www.Logistick.com.
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