Columbia/Okura Launches miniPAL® 2.0 with a 25% Greater Payload and Added Safety Features

Monday, September 27, 2021

Vancouver, WA—September 2021—Columbia/Okura LLC has recently upgraded their miniPAL® with the enhanced UR10e cobot arm by Universal Robots, increasing the payload to 12.5 kg (27.55 lbs) as well as replacing pressure sensitive safety mats with area safety scanners. This solution creates new possibilities with heavier payloads. The compact design also includes an automated lifting column for tall loads, dual stacking locations for continuous load building, built in fork pockets for easy mobility, and intuitive pattern building software for ease of use.
Columbia/Okura will debut miniPAL® 2.0 at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021. Stop by booth # C-3828 to see the miniPAL® in action. 
Fast and Cost-Effective Palletizing with miniPAL®
Columbia/Okura’s new miniPAL® 2.0, is a mobile palletizing product powered by the UR10e cobot arm. The flexible miniPAL®, with a total workspace footprint of 11’x13’, can palletize at two pallet locations for optimized productivity. The latest design includes three (3) area safety scanners that detect human presence in the palletizing work envelope. This ensures safe (collaborative mode) operation in the presence of workers, while allowing the miniPAL® to operate at maximum rates while individuals are not within the palletizing work zone. The system plugs into 110V AC wall power and can be set up in hours.  A typical installation delivers an average payback in 8-10 months, depending on application and industry.  
“The latest upgrades to miniPAL® make an excellent mobile, collaborative palletizer even better,” says Brian Hutton, president of Columbia/Okura LLC. “In this environment of critical labor shortages in every industry, miniPAL® allows clients to quickly and cost effectively automate routine palletizing operations, and to redeploy existing resources to higher value activities.”
With over 25 years of robotic palletizing experience, Columbia/Okura is ready to assist in providing the best automated solution for our client’s needs. Visit our website to learn more about the miniPAL®
About Columbia/Okura
Columbia/Okura LLC designs, integrates, and commissions end of line robotic palletizing solutions for most major industries. For over 25 years, Columbia/Okura has been a leading provider of robotic palletizing systems by delivering custom engineered solutions meeting demanding customer requirements. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Columbia/Okura is a joint venture of material handling leaders Columbia Machine, Inc. and Okura Yusoki, Co., Ltd. For more information, visit
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