Columbus McKinnon Adds New SPA Linear Actuator with Intelli-Motion™ Technology to Family of Automation Solutions

Columbus McKinnon’s First Intelligent Actuator Combines Plug-and-Play Control and Feedback with Robust Duff-Norton® Hardware

Monday, November 8, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y., November 2, 2021 – Combining intelligent controls with some of the highest-quality linear actuators available on the market, Columbus McKinnon Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCO), a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent motion solutions, products and technologies for material handling, today announced the introduction of its Duff-Norton® brand SPA Linear Actuator with IntelliMotion™ technology. The latest and most advanced Duff-Norton linear actuator, the SPA with IntelliMotion is designed to provide reliable operation, enable precision motion control and simplify applications, especially those that can benefit from automation technology. The latest product to join Columbus McKinnon’s family of automation solutions, this intelligent actuator offers easy installation, configuration, and operation to ensure systems can get up and running quickly and perform reliably.
“Getting the most from a motion system means finding the right linear actuator, one that works efficiently, is durable, moves the load safely, and operates at the desired speed,” says Mark Yerse, senior global product manager and strategic marketing manager. “The SPA with Intelli-Motion can do all of that and more. It is robust enough to handle higher-duty cycle applications while providing precise, repeatable motions and feedback capabilities.”
By utilizing onboard variable frequency drive (VFD) control, the SPA with Intelli-Motion gives operators the ability to program specific movement patterns with variable speeds, expanding the range of production applications it can be applied to, including balancing loads on automated guided vehicles (AGV), synchronizing lifting tables, timing critical steps in a manufacturing process, and more. Optional Ethernet/IP connectivity enables direct connection to a PLC, providing an infinite number of control options and configurations to choose from when programming complex patterns and motion sequences.
Other actuator configurations require a separate VFD or contactor control system housed in an external control panel. The SPA with Intelli-Motion features an integrated VFD and onboard I/O, which reduces installation costs and the overall product footprint. Onboard analog and digital I/O provide enhanced control and position feedback capabilities. The actuator also features electronic programmable limit switches (EPLS), which provide greater precision and accuracy and increased ability to repeat motions compared to mechanical limit switches. The EPLS can be set with either a pushbutton on the actuator or the easy-to-use digital configuration software. Then, operators can simply connect the actuator to a PC to troubleshoot or adjust parameters.
In addition, the SPA with Intelli-Motion increases the full load duty cycle to 30%, an increase of up to 75%, as compared to typical ACME screw actuators. SPA with Intelli-Motion is also capable of running at a duty cycle of up to 50% at reduced loads. This not only extends the length of time the actuator is operational, but also helps improve production rates and reduces the need for wait times or external forced cooling devices.
Customers can learn more about the SPA Linear Actuator with Intelli-Motion, including additional information about features and benefits, available product packages, and technical data, in a webinar hosted by Columbus McKinnon experts on November 18th. Registration for the free session is available at
Columbus McKinnon’s Duff-Norton brand actuator solutions have earned a reputation as reliable, highquality products that meet the industrial lifting, positioning and transfer needs of customers worldwide.
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