Increase Sustainability with FOX IV's All-Electric Linerless Label Print and Apply

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The NEW FOX IV L3904E all-electric, linerless label print and apply system takes product and packaging labeling to the next level of sustainability. The evolution of FOX IV's pneumatic L3904 Linerless label print and apply system to a fully-electric operation provides even further environmental and cost benefits. The L3904E effectively eliminates all labeling waste while reducing energy usage and making the automated labeling process more efficient.
"The addition of an electric application cylinder reduces environmental impact by eliminating the high energy consumption of factory air," says Rick Fox III, VP - Engineering Services at FOX IV Technologies. "As the cost of running a compressed air system is up to 8 times more expensive than electric alone*, not including the cost of peripheral systems such as drying stations, the cost savings of using a fully electric application method can be significant."
The FOX IV L3904E incorporates an advanced SATO CL4NX Plus Linerless print with FOX IV's durable print and apply design. It thermally prints onto continuous, direct thermal, linerless label stock, cuts the stock to the label size, and automatically applies it using a fully-electric application cylinder and pad. Labels up to 4.65" wide can be printed onto direct thermal, linerless label stock and accurately applied to products, cases, pallets, and other items - eliminating label backing, label matrix waste, ribbon waste, while reducing operating costs.
An additional benefit of linerless labeling is the ability to print more labels per roll, meaning longer production between roll changes, as the system uses continuous stock cut to size and eliminates the waste of the gap between labels.
FOX IV L3904E include a large 16" OD label roll capacity and solid anodized aluminum center wall for outstanding reliability and performance. A color 4.3" HMI enables operators to access the main print and apply controls through the Allen-Bradley PLC. Simple prompts and menus as well as a full-color, touch-screen HMI, make the L3904E easy for operators to understand and use. Applicator assemblies are designed for the specific needs of the customer, whether that be a traditional tamp applicator or a custom-designed applicator assembly.
FOX IV Technologies, Inc., has been an innovator in the automated labeling and coding industry for over 30 years. They offer a full line of label printers and applicators, ribbons, labels, label finishing systems, enclosures, printing supplies and services, material handling equipment and software solutions in order to provide fully integrated turnkey automated identification systems. The company integrates both tabletop printers and OEM print modules into rugged label printer applicators capable of operating 24/7 in a wide variety manufacturing environments. Known internationally for innovative designs, quality construction and customized solutions,
FOX IV is located approximately 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.