Business Intelligence Becomes Top Priority of Supply Chain Executives Who See it as Key to Improved Performance

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pervasive and role-based supply chain intelligence has emerged as a critical factor for improving operational performance, according to a new report published by Aberdeen Group, Supply Chain Intelligence: Adopt Role-Based Operational Business Intelligence and Improve Visibility.

"The only way to ensure that a company's supply chain is able to adapt to continuous business changes fast enough is to establish an adequate level of supply chain intelligence," said Viktoriya Sadlovska, researcher of product value chain and supply chain management at Aberdeen, a co-author of the report. "This requires putting in place processes and tools to effectively monitor supply chain performance and notify specific process managers before problems turn into disruptions."

The study highlights the role of advanced Business Intelligence (BI) technologies in the enablement of supply chain processes. Findings include:

  • 57% of respondents have indicated that improving supply chain visibility is a high priority initiative
  • 80% of Best-in-Class companies have indicated that they have lot-level or item-level product traceability
  • 61% of Best-in-Class companies currently use a visibility system from a freight forwarder

"The cutting-edge supply chain BI technologies are pervasive and role-based -- they are embedded into the specific supply chain processes and can provide immediate intelligence to the process owners," according to Nari Viswanathan, VP/ principal analyst, supply chain management. "These capabilities should not only serve as each supply chain's operational 'command and control' center, but also help uncover new revenue and savings opportunities with the help of advanced analytics."

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