SIERA delivers innovative safety & automation solutions that empower & protect.

Forklift Safety Systems
• Proximity Warning with Slow to a Safe Stop on Electric Forklifts – Prevent forklift accidents. Constantly senses its environment, monitoring obstructions.
• Proximity Detection & Alarms on Any Lift Truck – Continually monitor for obstructions with audible & visual alerts.

Digital Inspections & Impact Monitoring
A web-based software tool for digital checklist development & tracking. Capture data to monitor & report in our real-time dashboard. Use your own device or our mounted touchscreen. Use for OSHA compliance, daily, pre-shift inspections.

Autonomous Tow Tractor
10,000 lb high-capacity AMR with built-in AI intelligence for easy task assignments, modifications and updates to workflows. Integrates with MES/ERP and quickly switches to manual driving.

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