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Optessa is a leader in intelligent planning, sequencing, and scheduling optimization software with many successful implementations among top tier global manufacturers. Optessa products have wide applicability in industries as diverse as auto OEMs, suppliers, power equipment, electronics, semiconductor, and mills; batch process industries such as food and beverage, and paints; as well as shipping and logistics.

The company has offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Hazlet, New Jersey, USA; and Goa, India. Optessa's leadership team combines deep expertise in software, mathematics, manufacturing, and optimization technologies with unmatched customer commitment.

Optessa supports global deployment at more than 100 distinct manufacturing facilities and production areas. We also partner with industry leaders, Deloitte and Tech Mahindra, to further enhance our client support.


Use Case - Makespan Reduction for Orders while MaxAll relevant aspects of the production environment can be captured within Optessa and further, the resulting model can be solved to generate high-quality schedules using Optessa’s patented AI and optimization based technology.Download
Use Case - Multi-Operation Scheduling Produces ResThe Optessa multi-operation scheduling functionality considers all primary resources and auxiliary resources together to build a schedule that is optimal for the entire facility.Download
Use Case - Optessa Scheduling Reduces Cleaning TimBy better balancing the trade-offs involved through patented AI and optimization-based scheduling, Optessa can significantly reduce cleaning time and improve delivery times. Adherence to all the requirements can be verified using the many visualizations available in the system, such as the Grid Browser.Download
Use Case | Enabling On Time DeliveriesDiscover how Optessa generated a schedule with 90% on time deliveries and no unscheduled orders.Download
Use Case | High Volume Parts SchedulingThe previous scheduling process relied on a very large and elaborate spreadsheet. It took a scheduler a day just to create a week's schedule. For the same problem, Optessa was able to create a 2+ weeks schedule that resulted in good part batches (run of the same part) and fewer die change overs.Download
Use Case | Improving Order SequencesImproving Order Sequences by Replacing a Legacy System A major auto OEM was faced with the challenge of replacing its legacy system for order sequencing. With increased complexity due to new models and production mixes, the current solution was not able to perform and solve the OEM's production challenges.Download
Use Case | Improving Paint Shop EfficiencyProducts such as cars are available in an increasing range of colors. The paint shop schedule, hence, has to handle more colors, yet minimize the number of color changeovers. The Optessa schedule not only handles all paint shop rules but also applies all the requirements from other plant areas (and suppliers if relevant).Download
Use Case | Increase Throughput and Unlock CapacityUse Case | Increase Throughput and Unlock Capacity with Optessa Optessa high throughput schedules. For example, an annualized benefit of $2 million was evaluated by an engine manufacturer based on an over 9% throughput improvement provided by the Optessa schedule as compared to the previous scheduling process.Download
Use Case | Keep Promises with Order FulfillmentA global manufacturer, with a strong brand and reputation for producing quality high-value products, started losing market share. The operations teams quickly discovered that customers were leaving because they could no longer depend on the timely delivery of the manufactured goods.Download
Use Case | Reduce Cost Considering All FactorsUse Case | Reduce Cost by $ Millions when Considering All Factors Significant cost savings accrued from just the sunroof spacing constraint. When all rules and constraints were considered, the annual cost savings for a single car plant was estimated at $4 million.Download
Use Case | Reducing Order to Delivery by 7 DaysThe auto industry deals with production of orders from different sources. Some units are made-to-order and come directly from the final customer, while other units are made-to-stock and come from sales forecasts. Made-to-order units are often the most profitable as they already have a buyer and often utilize high-value commodities.Download

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