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Founded in 2016, Mushiny Intelligence is the world’s leading tech company specializing in logistics robot intelligent systems. Currently, Mushiny has about 200 employees, and its business covers more than 20 developed countries and regions with an overseas market
share of 50%.
Mushiny Intelligence is committed to providing optimal solutions for warehouse management and operations for factories and warehouses in various industries: Relying on a proprietary AI algorithm supported by substantial warehouse operating know-how, users may choose their own module R-WMS robot warehouse management system. The Xihe RMS robot management system has great functionality; fully open logistics robots
can be used for e-commerce, postal and courier, shoes and costume, automobiles, new energy, home appliances, food, books, medicine, 3C electronics, and many other industries for professional product technology and fast services.


Mushiny BrochureMushiny Overall Brochure, introduction of product lines and solution, see what Mushiny will provide for you Download
Mushiny T6 AMR Robots SeriesMushiny T6 AMR Robots Series, stable and reliable, covering loading capacity of 800kg~1500kgDownload


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Mushiny Robotics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
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