About ThruWave, Inc.

ThruWave's 3D Millimeter Wave Imaging System uses human-safe millimeter waves to see through packaging to the items inside, at conveyor speeds. ThruWave sensors produce 3D images of packaged items, while ThruWave's analytics software automatically interprets the images to measure key process variables, such as item count, detection of missing or damaged items, or real-time cube utilization.


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  • 3D mmWave Imaging Solution
  • Cube Utilization Solution

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  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Automotive
  • Computer and Electronic Products
  • Computer Hardware and/or Software
  • Couriers and Messengers
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliances, and Components
  • Food and Beverage
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
  • Postal/Parcel
  • Simulation and Digital Twin Software & Services

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