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Stryten Energy delivers premium energy storage solutions that power everything from warehouses and distribution centers to cars, trains and trucks that keep people on the move and essential supply chains running. Our stored energy solutions include advanced lead and lithium batteries, intelligent chargers and cloud-based software that help companies make smart fleet design decisions.

We partner with our customers to identify their need, and then find the best solution for that need, regardless of technology. We are not betting our future on any one solution. Instead, we believe the future will involve great battery technology, which will include both advanced lead and lithium solutions, depending on customer needs.


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  • GNB Cloud Battery and Charger Management Tool

  • Legends of the Loading Dock: Fleet Management

  • Legends of the Loading Dock: Operational Efficiency

  • Legends of the Loading Dock: The Supply Chain

  • Stryten Energy - A New Company. Renewed Energy.

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