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Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source®) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of magnets and magnetic devices. Master Magnetics offers an extensive line of magnetic devices for lifting, holding, retrieving, separating, and material handling applications, as well as permanent magnet materials for OEM and product design applications. All permanent materials are available in a wide range of sizes, grades and shapes. Custom design and fabrication are also available. They also feature a full selection of flexible magnetic sheeting, flexible magnetic receptive, and strip in a range of thicknesses and laminates.

Backed by over 40 years of industry experience, our expertise and ability to develop customized solutions help you match the correct magnet for your application. Our large inventory and warehousing capabilities (over 20 million magnets in stock), along with two regional production and distribution facilities, ensure fast and cost-effective delivery.


Magnetic Sweeper Product CatalogWe offer the widest selection of magnetic sweepers, including push, hang and trailer type models for any area that needs attention. Avoid personal injury, property damage and losses due to downtime with magnetic sweepers.Download
MAGNETIC SWEEPERS with RELEASE HANDLEThese push-type sweepers feature 24” and 14” sweeping widths, 48” sturdy handle and 6” diameter rubber wheels. Quickly drop collected scrap metal by pulling back on the release handle. The 24” model picks up 6 pounds of 8-penny nails, or approximately 600 pieces. These sweepers are incredibly strong and well built, yet very affordable.Download
Tips for Selecting Magneting Inventory LabelingWith the unique challenges faced in business today, most warehouse and distribution centers face the added task of being scalable, flexible and easily navigated. Magnetic inventory labels, a relatively low-tech item, can provide a quick and re-positionable solution for shelving and storage areas. Download


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