About Tri-Tronics Company Inc.

Tri-Tronics is a USA manufacturer of Photocraft Encoders, Conveyor sensors, and Power Supply Controls. We make all of the our products in Sunny Tampa, Florida. We have been in business since 1954, and design products for material handling, logistics automation, and ASAR robots, or tote carts.

We also design and manufacture photoelectric sensors, fiberoptic light guides and controls for a variety of industrial applications. Product lines include registration mark/color perception sensors, miniature models, AC/DC sensors.

Contact Us

7705 Cheri Court
Tampa, FL 33634

Tim Kelley, VP of US Sales
Phone: 813-886-4000
Fax: 813-884-8818

Brands / Products

  • Blue Coder
  • Metal Fork Sensors
  • Photocraft Encoders
  • Smarteye
  • TB12 Sensors

Product Categories

  • Controls and Controlling Devices
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliances, and Components
  • Manufacturing Facility

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