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Using Simcad Pro Warehouse Simulation Software, companies proactively optimize their distribution centers by improving picking, receiving, slotting, put away and replenishment. Moreover, by optimizing picking schedules, man power and equipment optimization can be achieved.

Warehouse simulation can also help in analyzing the impact of future growth on the warehouse and help in identifying potential capacity constraints. What-if analysis can be used to determine potential impact of new flows and equipment on the operation.

Another key aspect that impacts warehouse efficiency is congestion at different location within the environment. Congestion analysis for incoming/outgoing trucks, internal pick sequences, and replenishment schedules can be simulated and optimized to improve efficiency and reduce overall cost of the operation. Dynamic Simulation provides a risk free solution to analyze, visualize, and optimize existing or greenfield operations.


Simcad Pro 3D Warehouse Eliminate multiple staging areas, Reduce the time to receive and rack incomiing inventory. Improved replenishment schedules to eliminate “wait” on the pick line. Reduce delays in the checking area. Identify required labor requirements and analyze the potential benefits to existing automation technology.Download


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