About VersaCart Systems

VersaCart Systems provides highly functional carts, floor trucks, workstations and containers for all forms of material handling from order picking to shelving. Our unique designer products incude multi-purpose workstations that can be used for both inventory ordering and shelf stocking. VersaCart Systems owns the well-known EZcart, EXpress and EZtote brands.

Contact Us

PO Box 17425
4775 Walnut Street, Suite 105
Boulder, CO 80301

Amy Amore, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 303-530-9430
Fax: 303-441-2417

Brands / Products

  • EXpress
  • EZcart
  • EZtote

Product Categories

  • Containers & Dunnage
  • Floor Trucks and Carts
  • Order Picking Fulfillment & Delivery
  • Shelving, Workstations & Plant Furniture

Trade Shows