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TotalTrax, Inc. is the leading provider of real time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies and fleet management solutions for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Offering a complete technology platform that transforms traditional material handling vehicles into “smart trucks,” TotalTrax provides solutions that automate data collection and reporting for materials handling operations. With patented hardware, software, reporting and business intelligence tools, TotalTrax delivers substantial value in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity and inventory accuracy. By automating vehicle usage, maintenance, impacts and lift truck load and location visibility data, customers are able to reduce or eliminate the inaccuracies normally associated with operator input. The resulting business intelligence provides the insight needed to implement immediate improvements resulting in documented productivity gains.


Case Study - DW DistributionHow DW Distribution improved safety, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, optimized forklift allocation and is improving driver productivity and implementing best practices through TotalTrax' SX200 cloud based telematics solution and analytics tools.Download
CommandPulseDX Data SheetCommandPulseDX is a flexible tool set designed to help Fleet, Safety and Warehouse managers and supervisors optimize their day. From a single screen, users are presented with clear “at a glance” insights to the health of their operations. This eliminates time-consuming report generation, inspection and analysis. Download
CommandPulseRX Data SheetCommandPulseRX is a report writing capability designed to help analysts, power users, supervisors and managers in companies using industrial material handling equipment in production, warehousing and distribution facilities. With large volumes of telematics data available, CommandPulseRX provides the tools to extract insights and focused analysis.Download
SX200 Product SheetAdvanced, flexible, powerful SX200 software is at the core of the capabilities of the TotalTrax SX/VX Advanced Telematics platform. From impact detection, activity monitoring, driver access control, and pre-shift inspection checklist capabilities to advanced load sensing and job tracking options, SX200 software gives you total control.Download
SXVX Platform BrochureThe powerful TotalTrax SX/VX advanced telematics platform meets the needs of material handling operations in the most flexible way possible. Driven by software, the SX/VX platform is the most expandable and intuitive telematics solution in the industryDownload
TotalTrax Cloud Services Product SheetThe SX/VX platform was designed to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud hosting technology. You can be confident that your data is secure and backed-up 24/7/365. TotalTrax offers a flexible suite of options, including access to cloud experts trained on the platform, who can help ensure that the software always runs at peak performance.Download
TotalTrax Company BrochureAbout TotalTrax - Corporate BrochureDownload
TotalTrax Remote Implementation Service Data SheetTotalTrax Remote Implementation Service helps you optimize the full value of your TotalTrax SX/VX system. Leveraging remote service and presentation tools, coupled with the SX/VX Cloud Service, your path to achieving maximum benefits is quicker. Our technicians provide thorough training for proper installation and effective long-term usage.Download
VX Hardware Product SheetTotalTrax VX hardware can handle the realities of everyday use in the material handling industry. The ruggedized VX100 and VX200 deliver improved reliability and enhanced functionality. The modular design is simpler to install and service and easy to upgrade, delivering the longest useful life in the industry.Download


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