About Voiteq Inc.

Voiteq is a leading global supplier of voice-directed solutions. Voice is our core business and we’ve helped our customers reap the substantial benefits of hands-free, eyes-free work for over 15 years. The simplicity of a voice-directed operation provides a much smoother and more efficient way of working than other methods; resulting in real productivity, accuracy and customer service improvements that deliver bottom-line savings.

With offices in North America, the UK, France and Germany, Voiteq has the largest team of experienced voice specialists in the world.

We offer a range of ways to improve your warehouse, in-store and inspection operations with our award winning VoiceMan product family; including intelligent execution systems, screen-to-voice and direct connections to SAP and other host systems. Our business intelligence tools provide users with real-time dashboards and performance reports to improve operational visibility and decision making.


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  • VoiceMan WES

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