About Eaxtron

Innovation at EAXTRON-USA will always be user-oriented. It is this focus on the human factor of technology that has inspired us to focus on usability, safety, and comfort rather than bottom line. For us, the bottom line is user experience, and we aspire to reshape the industry around this value. As the industry adapts to innovations in lithium-ion and fast charge technology, we aim to shepherd this evolution such that connections become not only faster, but safe and more efficient too. With these values at the forefront of our mission, EAXTRON-USA will revolutionize the way we use and think about connectors, from commodity towards practical and valuable solution.

In fact, if there was a singular word to describe us it would be solutions. From our color coordinated cable clamps to our specially designed contact loader to the patented Vortex Clip, every detail of an Eaxtron product has been thoughtfully conceived to maximize efficiency and safety.

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6320 Canoga Avenue
Suite 1430
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Georges Cavrois
Phone: 818-914-1383

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  • Batteries/Chargers/Motors/Fuel/Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliances, and Components
  • Manufacturing Facility

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