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To create a community of marketing professionals from within the MHI membership that is focused on marketing education, idea sharing, networking, strengthening the voice of the industry and, ultimately, increasing awareness of MHI.

Benefits of joining Mpro:

  • Attend events, conferences and webinars
  • Access a network of professionals in the material handling/supply chain/logistics industry
  • Contribute to a forum of ideas and trends in the industry between experienced and entry-level professionals
  • A sense of Community to exchange best practices with other marketing professionals in the industry

Exclusive Member Company YPN Benefits

  • Invitation to MHI Spring & Annual Meeting YPN networking events
  • Online forum to connect with other marketing professionals

Who should get involved?

  • Anyone interested in material handling, logistics and supply chain management
  • Marketing professionals looking to network and improve their marketing tool box
  • Community leaders looking to get ahead of industry trends
  • People looking to make a difference in their career and their industry

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