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Dock Planning 101

61) Dock Planning 101

In the competitive world of logistics, facilities need to be safe, versatile and efficient in overall design. A properly designed dock area can be a huge contributor in productivity ...

Ergonomic - Best Work Zones

63) Ergonomic - Best Work Zones

Performing work within the best and preferred work zones shown below facilitates productivity and comfort.  Work is safest when lifting and reaching is performed in these zones.  Working ...

Ergonomic Checklist for Material Handling

64) Ergonomic Checklist for Material Handling

The checklist presented below is from the book Kodak's Ergonomic Design for People at Work.  It helps users to identify any job risk factors that my be present in the job.  This checklist ...

Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers

69) Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers

Designed for retailers and safety experts, this NIOSH booklet has a goal to prevent MMH (manual material handling) injuries in grocery stores. MMH injuries, also called overexertion ...

Ergonomics Awareness Worksheet

70) Ergonomics Awareness Worksheet

The purpose of the worksheet is to increase basic awareness of potential problems associated with jobs and tasks.  This awareness can help provide clues on how to make effective improvements.

Factors Impacting MMH

71) Factors Impacting MMH

The ratio of task demands to worker capacity during manual materials handling influences the occurrence of potential undesirable effects such as fatigue, discomfort, injury, productivity ...

Guidelines for Specifying AEM Systems

74) Guidelines for Specifying AEM Systems

A 16-page booklet developed by members of Automated Electrified Monorail Product Section of Material Handling Industry (MHI), known as members of Monorail Manufacturers Association, ...

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