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HMI NEC Consensus

1) HMI NEC Consensus

The 2017 National Electrical Code has a number of paragraphs affecting electric chain and wire rope hoists. Some of these paragraphs are subject to varying interpretations. Therefore, ...

Selecting The Right Overhead Crane

4) Selecting The Right Overhead Crane

This publication concentrates on the owners responsibility to select a qualified crane supplier by highlighting a number of factors as they pertain to application and facility. Although ...

CMAA Crane Service Classes

5) CMAA Crane Service Classes

CMAA has established crane service classes so that the most economical crane for a particular installation may be specified in accordance with Specifications for Top Running Bridge ...

HMI 100.23 Operator's Manual – Hoist

11) HMI 100.23 Operator's Manual – Hoist

This 54-page booklet lists qualifications required to be a hoist operator, as well as "shall and shall nots." Safety is stressed by describing the best way to operate a hoist. ...