Presentations and Publications

Material properties of cold-formed steel under subzero temperatures
Cold-formed steel (CFS) structures are becoming increasingly prominent in many construction scenarios because of its distinct advantages, which includes light-weight, easy and low cost for stacking, transportation, and construction.
Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes and Impact on Storage Racks
Warehouse fire statistics and insurance losses will set background for discussion. Pertinent national codes and standards will be identified for use in designing of sprinkler protection along with the permitting process and key personnel roles. Certain rules are followed in the protection scheme process: what is stored (commodity); how is it stored (density or racking type) and how high is it stored. Special cases will be reviewed involving unique products storage or environmental constraints.
RMI of MHI presents: Planning Your Rack System – Traditional and E-Commerce
As ecommerce becomes the norm in warehousing and distribution, the need to adapt storage and retrieval systems is imminent. RMI industry experts will share how rack system designs are changing to meet the requirements in the ecommerce world.
RMI of MHI presents: Storage Rack Safety 101
The safe use of a storage rack system is key to the productivity of a warehouse. We discuss the resources available from the Rack Manufacturers Institute that can be used to design and implement a safe rack system. We discuss the inspections necessary in maintaining a safe rack system. We discuss how to assess rack damage and how to make a repair or replace decision.
Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks
The objective of this seminar is to expose participants to the latest racking technologies available and how to make the best assessment for their facility.
Resources and Frequently Asked Questions
The objective of this seminar is to provide information about the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), provide highlights from the storage rack specification, and to review important Frequently Asked Questions