Vertical Carousels

Designed on the goods to person principle, vertical carousels are of a series of shelves that work on a ferris wheel concept, rotating around a track to deliver stored items safely and quickly to an ergonomically positioned work counter at the operators command. Making use of the available ceiling height, vertical carousels save up to 75% floor space and can increase productivity by 2/3 when compared to standard shelving.

Shelves (carriers) can be uniquely configured to create a customized storage system and maximize storage density. Each carrier can be fitted with inserts, rollout drawers, intermediate shelves, partitions and specialty holders and can be configured to hold items, totes, containers, cases, cartons and more.

Vertical carousels can be used as standalone work stations or fully integrated into work zones. Standalone vertical carousels are driven by standard controller allowing the operator to move the carriers around the track, stopping as needed. Inventory management software can integrate the vertical carousel with an existing ERP or WMS system for increased productivity, accuracy and security.

Pick-to-Light Technology can be integrated to increase accuracy to 99.9%. Position lights located at the work counter assist the operator in picking by lighting a light beacon at the location to pick from. A TIC (Transaction Information Center) light bar can be mounted to the pick face of the vertical carousel and direct the operator to the exact location of the pick. The TIC can also display additional information such as quantity to pick, part number and part description.

Feature Benefit
Compact Design Save Up To 75% Floor Space
Delivers Items To The Operator Improve Productivity By 2/3
Integrates With Pick-to-Light Technology Increase Accuracy Up To 99.9%
Bi Parting Locking Doors
Software Provides Password Protection & Transaction Tracking
Secure Product Storage
Safety Light Curtain With Emergency Stop Operator Safety
All Items Delivered To An Ergonomic Height 100% Ergonomic Access
High MTBF Rate & Emergency Hand Crank Superior Reliability With 24/7 Access
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