Vertical Lift Modules

A vertical lift module (VLM) is an enclosed system that consists of two columns of trays with an inserter/extractor in the center. The VLM inserter/extractor automatically locates stored trays and retrieves trays from both the front and back of the unit with a push of a button and delivers them to the operator at an ergonomically positioned pick window. Designed to deliver stored items to the operator and eliminate walk and search time, the VLM can increase productivity up to 2/3.

Vertical Lift Modules are available in various heights and widths to meet every application. Utilizing the floor to ceiling height and storing trays in height optimized positions allows the VLM to save up to 85% floor space when compared to standard shelving. With the VLM organizations can expand operations internally without a brick and mortar building expansion, or consolidate multiple facilities.

The VLM optimizes storage cube to provide maximum storage capacity in a minimal footprint. Each time a tray is stored, the height of the product on the tray is scanned. The VLM them automatically optimizes the tray height and stores it using the least amount of space required for maximum storage density.

Equipped with pick-to-light technology the VLM can provide increased levels of productivity and reach accuracy levels of 99.9%. Simple pick-to-light positions lights can be used at the pick window to direct the operator to the location to pick from. A Pick-to-light Transaction Information Center (TIC) at the pick window can inform the operator of the pick location as well as the quantity to pick, part number and part description.

Combined with software, multiple VLMs can be used to create a picking zone, allowing the operator to pick from one VLM while the other is moving to present the next pick. This round robin picking reduces operator wait time and speeds throughput.

For maximum throughput, batch picking can be used to fulfill multiple orders at one time. When the VLM presents a SKUs to be picked, the operator picks a quantity of the SKU to fill all orders in the batch. The operator then distributes the SKU as directed by the pick-to-light among the orders in the batch. This reduces the number of times an operator visits a SKU location, speeding up the picking process.

Feature Benefit
Compact Design & Tray Height Optimization Save Up To 85% Floor Space
Delivers Items To The Operator Improve Productivity By 2/3
Integrates With Pick-to-Light Technology Increase Accuracy Up To 99.9%
Locking Door
Software Provides Password Protection & Transaction Tracking
Secure Product Storage
Safety Light Curtain With Emergency Stop Operator Safety
All Items Delivered To An Ergonomic Work Counter 100% Ergonomic Access
High MTBF Rate & Emergency Hand Crank Superior Reliability With 24/7 Access

To find out more about VLMs, please contact our ASRS Industry Group members that provide this product:

Hanel, Kardex, Modula, Schaefer Systems Inc., SencorpWhite
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