Vision Picking Technology

Logistic scope of application

An intuitive, vision-based system makes manual picking fast and error-free. The mobility, flexibility and ease of operation provide extensive benefits compared to pick-to-light or voice-directed applications. The integrated navigation system makes it possible to both guide the operator through the warehouse and to optimize the route taken. “License plate” tracking ensures error-free picking. All picked articles and target containers can be checked for correctness with a simple look. Tracking lots and serial numbers can be done without any additional steps for the operator.


Vision picking functions with augmented reality technology. Using 2D barcodes to interact with the storage environment, this technology displays the information at the exact location and time required via a See-Through-Display. There is no need for additional input devices. Comprised of control software, a head-mounted display, wearable PC and an integrated camera, connection to the existing warehouse management system is easily achieved.

The integrated navigation system allows staff to be guided through the warehouse without any difficulty. Route optimization allows distances travelled to be minimized. Visually displayed order information and identification of source and target locations ensures 100% error-free picking. All picked items and target totes can easily be checked visually thus improving inventory management, providing continuous quality control and reducing the need to do order audits. Lot numbers or serial numbers can be recorded without the employee having to perform any additional steps.

Advantages of Vision Picking Technology

  • Minimal training time required for operators
  • Language independent navigation within the warehouse
  • Optical picking instructions replace paper, visual (lights) or voice-based directions
  • Fully automatic tracking of lots and serial numbers
  • 100% error-free picking improves quality control
  • Applicable in every warehouse without structural changes or other modifications
  • User position can be detected through-out warehouse
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