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1) Bollards

Protect machinery, facility structure or utilites.

Conveyor Guarding

3) Conveyor Guarding

Prevent materials from falling from conveyor systems or prevents damage to the conveyor itself

Dock-Lift Gates

5) Dock-Lift Gates

Protects workers from falls during loading and unloading; prevents fall off dock lift; fall protection; fall prevention

Industrial Pedestrian Guardrail

7) Industrial Pedestrian Guardrail

Prevents people and items from falling off elevated platforms or prevents moving vehicles from damaging a facility and its components; fall protection; fall prevention

Machine Guarding

13) Machine Guarding

Prevents workers from having direct contact with moving parts or other dangerous areas of a machine; protects people from machines

Overhead Mesh Guarding

14) Overhead Mesh Guarding

Prohibits tools, boxes, and other items from between mezzanines, elevate platforms, or racks onto the floor and work areas below.

Pallet Drop Gates

15) Pallet Drop Gates

Secures the pallet drop areas in various locations throughout the facility to protect worker from falls; fall protection; fall prevention; prevent fall from pick module