About PaR Systems, Inc.

PaR Systems designs, manufactures, installs, tests, services, and inspects overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, revolver cranes, container stacking cranes, control systems, and special-purpose heavy load lifting and moving machinery. PaR Systems' experience includes high capacities, extra long spans and lift heights, tight dimensions, and special features. PaR is an expert in Advanced Motion Control with the EXPERTOPERATOR product line that can be installed on virtually any crane. PaR's advanced control enhances the performance, safety and usability of cranes. EXPERTOPERATOR suite provides operators with technology for generating swing free motion, the capability to automatically and precisely position loads, and protect from collisions. Contact PaR today for your crane needs.

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707 County Road E West
Shoreview, MN 55126-7007

Pete Donnelly
Phone: 651-286-2396
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Product Categories

  • Attachments - Overhead & Lifting Equipment
  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
  • Below/Hook Equipment (i.e. slings; lifts; magnets)
  • Casters, Wheels, & Tires
  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Components/Controls
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Remote Control Equipment

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