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JBT is a leading global provider of automatic guided vehicle systems (AGVS) to the warehousing, automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, paper, consumer products, printing, manufacturing, and food/beverage industries. JBT's AGVS provide routine movement of materials pallets, carts and rolls.) and deliver a quick return on investment by reducing costs, increasing safety, and improving productivity. JBT offers a broad line of standard AGV types and custom vehicles are designed for unique applications. JBT fully integrates all hardware and software for a complete system solution.

Case Studies

»Automated Guided Vehicle System Improves Efficiency
»Automated Guided Vehicle System Increase Throughput
»Automated Guided Vehicle System Provides Exceptionally Accurate Positional Accuracy
»Automatic Guided Vehicle System Improves Production Efficiency
»Automatic Guided Vehicle System Increases Efficiency
»Automatic Guided Vehicle System Increases Floor Space and Storage Capacity
»Automatic Guided Vehicle System Increases Production Capacity
»Automatic Guided Vehicle System Transports Newspaper Print Reels
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Increase Efficiency of Block Stack Storage
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Increase Storage and Retrieval Efficiency
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Just What the Doctor Ordered!
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Keep on Rolling at Paper Facility
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Link Production and Shipping
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Maximize Space in Automotive Stamping Plant
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Optimize Uptime and Maintainability
»Automatic Guided Vehicles Work Beside Employees in a Distrubtion Center
»Automation Optimizes Paper Warehouse needs
»Automation Optimizes Pharmaceutical Production Facility
»Automation Services Multi-Floor Pharmaceutical Needs
»Automation Steers Safe Delivery of Automotive Components
»Automotive Assembly Plant Improves Productivity with AGVs
»Commercial Printer Reduces Noise with Guided Vehicle Reach Trucks
»Dual Load Handling Automatic Guided Vehicle Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency
»Engine Components Delivered Safely with Laser Guided Vehicle System
»Forked Automated Guided Vehicle Improves Efficiency of Transporting & Stacking Pallets
»Guided Vehicle System Automates Food Processing Application
»Heavy Duty Automatic Guided Vehicles Maximize Material Flow in Major Auto Manufacturing Facility
»Laser Guidance Navigation System Allows Accurate & Safe Transport of Missiles
»Laser Guidance System Assures Accuracy
»Laser Guided AGV System Delivers for a Major Food Manufacturer
»Laser-Guided AGV System Makes Navigating Food Supplier’s Warehouse Quick & Easy
»Linking Packaging & Palletizing Common Application for AGVs
»Load Trailers Automatically with Guided Vehicle System
»Low Profile Guided Vehicle System Maximizes Production Efficiency
»Raw Material Transported Safely with Automatic Guided Vehicle
»Vehicle Automation Reduces Pallet and Product Damage
»Warehouse Operations Streamlined with use of Automatic Guided Vehicles
»Worlds Smartest AGVs are a Host-Less System that Reduces Labor Costs and Improves Safety

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