About Bosch Rexroth Corp.

It’s time to streamline how automation works.

With more than 225 years of engineering expertise, Bosch Rexroth does more to engineer and deliver the most complete, harmonized, and easy-to-use factory automation solutions today’s manufacturers want. With a factory automation portfolio that offers the broadest selection, our comprehensive solutions go beyond advanced components to include digital engineering tools and customized support that enables you to solve the most intricate engineering challenges.

Application-driven. Results-focused. Service-oriented. That’s factory automation from Bosch Rexroth.


ActiveMover: The Standard for Short Cycle TimeWhen you need to transport products with great speed and precision, the linear motor transfer system from Rexroth sets the standards of performance.Download
ctrlX AUTOMATIONThe answer to the new challenges facing industry is: ctrlX AUTOMATIONDownload
MP1000R: Autonomous Mobile RobotImprove the Safety and Productivity of Manufacturing Facilities with Rexroth's AMR Download
Smart Function Kit: The Next Level of HandlingThe Smart Function Kit for handling tasks is based on a Cartesian multi-axis system that reliably and precisely moves components or workpieces in a defined space.Download
VarioFlow plus Moves Consumer Packaged GoodsThe conveyor solution for a wide variety of consumer packaged goods applicationsDownload


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