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For over 70 years, Fortna® has partnered with the world’s top brands to transform their distribution operations into a competitive advantage. Fortna helps clients make and keep bold promises to their customers – fast, accurate and cost-effective fulfillment consistently at every touchpoint, across every channel. Our expertise spans distribution strategy, distribution center operations, material handling automation, supply chain systems and warehouse execution systems. We built our firm on a promise – we develop a solid business case for change and hold ourselves accountable for results.


10 Ways Amazon is Raising Customers’ ExpectationsAmazon is making table stakes of convenience, speed, low prices and endless aisle selection. This infographic highlights the 10 ways Amazon is raising your customers’ expectations.Download
7 Truths about the Business Case for Picking BotsBots are finding exciting new applications in the DC, but not all applications of bots can be justified. The business case for collaborative picking bots requires a balance of labor and technology.Download
Addressing the Labor ProblemThe precipitous rise of eCommerce and shortage of traditional labor is re-shaping distribution operations. Companies will need to reimagine their operations—and labor—in a drastic way.Download
Bots Will Transform Your Operations, or Will They?In this article, we examine four of the most compelling use cases for collaborative bots in the DC to determine whether the business case justifies the investment.Download
Building the Business Case for AutomationTo achieve the fulfillment speed needed to compete with next-day shipping promises, companies must look to automation, which can help improve service capability and drive competitive advantage.Download
Choosing the Right Automation Technology for Your Automation is not new, but there are a number of new/emerging technologies which make the business case more attractive. It’s important to evaluate technologies through the lens of the business case.Download
How Different WES Solutions Stack Up This article explains the key differences between suppliers claiming to have WES capabilities and the role WES plays in the enterprise stack.Download
Labor Challenges, Trends and Practical SolutionsDistribution labor challenges continue with no signs of abating. Here are four strategies that companies are implementing to overcome today’s labor problems.Download
Real-Time Systems Orchestrate and Optimize ComplexSystems that manage traditional manual operations simply cannot meet the needs of the automated distribution center. WES will be required to gain the full benefits of automation in the DC.Download
The Evolving Warehouse Tech StackThe WES acts as an “efficiency engine” balancing out the peaks and valleys of the integrated process to keep the flow of the entire distribution center steady while increasing speed and output.Download
WES as a Platform for FlexibilityA WES is designed to be flexible and adapt to changing environments easily and affordably, without the risk of compromising the other vital roles that the WMS needs to play.Download

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