About PackSize, LLC

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Packsize is a global leader in on-demand packaging for businesses with complex corrugated packaging needs. With business customers in 21 countries, Packsize has operations in North America, Scandinavia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Packsize resolves inventory and shipping complexities through the ability to create a custom-sized box for every order. This efficient and cost-effective, just-in-time packaging system increases total savings by up to 20%. A leading sustainable business practice, Right-sized Packaging on Demand™ results in less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

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6440 Wasatch Boulevard
Salt Lake, UT 84121

Brandon Brooks, VP - Marketing
Phone: 801-944-4814
Fax: 801-944-4815

Brands / Products

  • EM 6-30
  • EM 6-50
  • PackSize
  • Right 51200 Packaging on Demand

Product Categories

  • Packaging & Unitizing Machinery & Materials
  • Plant/Facility Equipment and Management

Trade Shows

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