About Worldwide Foam, Ltd.

Since 2008, we have revolutionized the industry by offering one day lead time from our seven strategic locations with the widest ranges of products and sizes in the industry. We began with crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and have evolved into a diversified foam supplier that serves multiple industries across North America.

Worldwide Foam consistently provides products to meet customer needs. This will be accomplished by having capable processes supported and continually improved by outstanding employees and suppliers. Worldwide Foam strives to be a respected supplier in the marketplace and community. Worldwide Foam meets the requirements of ISO and has been audited by a third party that is accredited by a Management Systems Certification. See our most current ISO Certification for certified locations.


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1806 Conant Street
Elkhart, IN 46516

Donald Frandsen, General Manager
Phone: 574-968-8268
Fax: 574-970-0926

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