About FlexQube Inc.

FlexQube provides a modular and robust cart system/equipment for material handling within amongst automotive manufacturing such as lean manufacturing, kanban, kaizen. This includes industrial carts, pallet carts, shelf carts, tugger system, tugger carts, tugger trains, industrial racks, flow racks, line/side deliver, mother/daughter system, kit-carts and other forklift free solutions.


eQart Sales PresentationAn intelligent and motorized FlexQube cart. Motors, battery, and cameras are added to a regular FlexQube cart. The eQart is available in any size and shape.Download


  • Strong & Flexible Material Handling Carts | FlexQu

  • Multiple eQart's running on the same route

  • "These carts are some of the best things I've seen

  • Industrial Shelf Carts at a facility in Mexico | F

  • Heavy duty Tugger Cart for 48 inch pallets

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Anders Fogelberg, CEO
Phone: 678-701-5855

Brands / Products

  • eQart
  • FlexBeam
  • FlexPlate
  • FlexQube
  • FlexTube

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  • Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Plant/Facility Equipment
  • Racks
  • Tool Handling & Storage Systems
  • Warehouse
  • Warehousing and Storage

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